NEW Bonus Materials Trailer #1: Main Pilgrims

Walking the Camino
Sam walks along the Camino with a fellow pilgrim.
Sam walks along the Camino with a fellow pilgrim.

We’ve created four new trailers from the footage on the Bonus Materials DVD that will be on the main DVD menu when it comes out on November 11. This first one is footage from the Bonus Materials DVD of the six main pilgrims in the documentary. We’ll be posting the others throughout the next couple of months, so make sure to sign up to our email updates list to be the first to see them.

Click here to watch the trailer.

We hope you enjoy!

Love, The Camino Documentary team

One Response to “NEW Bonus Materials Trailer #1: Main Pilgrims”

  1. lynne whelden

    Any way to communicate with any of the pilgrims? I really enjoyed Annie (who I think was also involved in the actual production, but I’m not positive about that). She said some profound stuff. I’m trying to recall exactly what it was about being humbled the one day and about dying to ego…something like that?
    Some of the pilgrims seemed to be there for all the wrong reasons (eg. hooking up or athletic challenge). Annie seemed to be one of the few who “got it.” Her comments about competitiveness were right on the mark too. Without her the whole film would have been disappointing.


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