NEW Bonus Materials Trailer #2 – Bonus Pilgrims

Walking the Camino
Group of German pilgrims, featured in Bonus Materials DVD
Group of German pilgrims, featured in Bonus Materials DVD

We’ve created four new trailers from the footage on the Bonus Materials DVD that will be on the main DVD menu when it comes out on November 11. This first one is footage from the Bonus Materials DVD of the six main pilgrims in the documentary. We’ll be posting the others throughout the next couple of months, so make sure to sign up to our email updates list to be the first to see them.

Click here to see thee Bonus Materials Trailer #2 – Bonus Pilgrims.

Happy watching!

Love, The Camino Documentary Team

2 Responses to “NEW Bonus Materials Trailer #2 – Bonus Pilgrims”

  1. joe ferris

    Can we get this in the UK. Just finished and already getting withdrawal symptoms

    • Walking the Camino

      Walking the Camino

      Hi Joe,

      We’re working on it! We’ve signed with an international sales agent who will work on getting the film into the international market as we definitely know there is an international market for the doc as the Camino is universal!

      I totally know what you mean about withdrawal symptoms… I think all pilgrims do. If you think it would help with the Camino longings, we would love for you to write a Pilgrim Profile for the blog! If you’re interested, shoot me an email at …!

      Thanks Joe! Wishing you a buen camino as you assimilate your Camino experience with your life, as once we walk the Camino we are forever changed…


      Maggie Cech
      Director of Outreach
      “Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago”


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