Pilgrim Profile: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – A Shift in Perspective

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The Basics

Hi, I’m Steve Sherry from Melbourne, Australia and I walked the Camino Frances in late September, 2014. With my wife and son, I arrived in Santiago on 26th, October after 33 days on the Camino.

The Three of Us at the Alto de Perdón

I started in St Jean Pied de Port, France after a 17,000 km journey from home. My favourite albergue was Albergue du Pelerin in St Jean as it was well equipped, welcoming, and we made friendships on that first night that held us in good stead all the way to Santiago.


The Insights

The challenges and lessons of the Camino come at the most unexpected times. My wife had a bad fall on the 16th day that resulted in a serious head injury. We managed her problem, slowly reintroducing her to the full walking, over 10 days with the assistance of buses, taxis and the pack transfer service. She walked the last 150 kms and completed about 440 kms overall.

I struggled with the initial realisation that MY Camino could be over, and after a pretty ‘dark’ night I realised we are all here together and my achievement could be to ensure that Sue fulfill her dreams while still enjoying the Camino myself. A definite shift in my approach: it’s not always about me!

I am walking again in 2016 and it should be richer through lessons learnt before. The Camino has made me more mindful of the now and I try to not ‘sweat the small stuff’, by seeing my life in context will those less fortunate. Not a day passes when I don’t think about the Camino and what it means to me.

I would advise anyone contemplating the Camino to go to Finisterre. We went by bus and it has a magical feeling that really places it at the end for me. I will walk there in 2016. Do plenty of training, including hill walking, and look after your body on the Way. It will enhance your experience.

A saying my wife used on the Camino holds true and it is, ‘ When you’ve walked as far as you can, take another step!’

That and the company of others will get you there. Wishing all pilgrims a Buen Camino, Steve

3 Responses to “Pilgrim Profile: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – A Shift in Perspective”

  1. Marg Harvey

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I walked the Camino Frances in September 2014 from St Jean. So many things in common with other travellers and so interesting that it is the people that you meet who make the experience so rich and entertaining. The Camino was an amazing experience that I am still understanding!
    Buen Camino, Marg

  2. Micki Jerry

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am doing the Camino, just not sure exactly when or with whom. My husband is doing research with me to decide if it is his thing. My 16 year old son says, “Sure I will do it” probably not really getting his head around all it entails. Any feedback you can offer my husband who is a light sleeper, hates sleeping in public spaces with people who snore would be helpful. He is clearly thinking of all that can go wrong without considering all that can go right. Thanks!!! I cannot wait to hear about your next journey.

    • Steve Sherry

      Hi Micki, well, I’m a very light sleeper as well but it’s amazing how well I slept in crowded rooms after a hard day on the Way. However, people respect others ‘space’ and you have such peace of mind after a few days, that it all becomes part of the adventure. Tell your husband to put logistical doubts aside and embrace the experience with his family. I can’t count the number of people who thought it was special that we did the Camino with our son and at first I thought nothing of it as our relationship is suited to this type of thing. I know what they meant now; you depend on each other and your son will be your equal, maybe even your support on parts of the walk. Plan it well and take the first step. It will be the holiday you will all remember for life. Tell your husband to consider his glass half full instead of half empty and the Camino will top it up for him. Good luck, I hope to read of your trip, Steve


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