A brilliant documentary! – Martin Sheen

You will be inspired to visit Spain and walk the Camino de Santiago after seeing this film. Or, as the director intended, you will be inspired to find your own ‘Camino’.
– Newport Beach Independent

Walking the Camino will almost certainly change someone's life, probably many someones. – Santa Cruz Sentinel

This film should carry a warning: watch it and it might stir something awake in you and start you on the journey of your life. – John Brierley

The film is gorgeous, filled with beautiful landscapes. The stories of the pilgrims are engaging and leave you with a yearn to pick up your pack and join them. – About.com

Walking the Camino is extraordinary. – Ashland Daily Tidings


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Our fundraising trek to Santiago

With your help, we have made it to Santiago and have enough money to complete our feature length theatrical version. We will be submitting this 80-minute documentary to film festivals worldwide. We couldn't of done it without all the individual donations, whether they were $5 or a $1,000. Every donation helped us reach our goal and we can't thank you enough. Gracias. Having raised the 225k, means that we have covered all office expenses, editorial expenses and online costs for our theatrical version only. The 225k also represents three years of hard work by our Camino staff. One of the reasons we were able to achieve this incredible feat with such a tight budget, is because our director and all our producers continue to work without pay.

On to Finisterre...

Our next push to Finesterre, is to raise funds to edit our one hour TV version as well as create our DVD. During our international festival run, we plan on connecting with international television stations worldwide. This is an expensive process as all countries have different technical requirements. Additionally, we will have to provide all the translations ourselves. We plan on translating the film into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Korean.

Concurrently, we will be making a DVD version for sale world wide via our website. On the DVD, we will include an expanded version with additional pilgrims and their stories, which did not make the final cut. Cutting pilgrims from the film was an inevitable part of our film making process due to making an 80 minute film out of 300 hours of footage. But they area all amazing stories and we plan to bring more of them to light on our expanded DVD. We will also include many deleted scenes of our main pilgrims, a behind-the-scenes featurette, hospitalero portraits and much more!

...and to the world

Our third and final push to reach the entire world is to fund a year of marketing/distribution and publicist fees. This means keeping two office staff and hiring a publicist to promote the film. The hiring of the publicist is easily the most expensive item we have, but it guarantees our film will reach a wider audience.